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More than 800 companies use Cardinus e-learning to reduce their office ergonomics and materials handling risk. Many have been enthusiastic customers for more than five years and have seen significant improvements in staff well-being, motivation and productivity.

Cardinus can help you to:

  • reduce office ergonomics risk
  • reduce reportable workplace ergonomics injuries
  • reduce workers' compensation and other injury-related costs
  • change your employees’ behavior
  • comply with overseas legislation

Cardinus provides ergonomic risk assessment and training programs to reduce the discomfort and soft-tissue injuries associated with computer and display screen equipment use. We also provide training in materials handling, helping to keep your workforce healthy and injury-free.

Our programs are based on the fast growing and cost effective e-learning format, where risk assessments and training take place at the employee’s workstation. The employee undertakes a simple and engaging self-assessment of their office ergonomics followed by valuable training to help ensure their comfort and safety at work.